Sunday, February 15, 2009

Saved by Grace

In late 2006 I thought I was going to die. I had given my all to build the Kingdom, I was working a super-stressful commission-based job, and I had some other struggles in my personal situation. I continued to weaken my already broken health.

Then I found out my wife was pregnant. My energy already pulled to my maximum stretching point, I was shocked to learn that my time obligations would increase. As I struggled to cover all the duties in the far-flung outposts assigned to me by Life, I physically crashed.

As our soon-to-increase family size would no longer fit in the house, we decided to move to small-town America. I wanted to stay, but because of the baby, had to leave Japan. The move preparations were grueling, and I began to struggle with breathing. I had no relocation company to help me. But after arriving in the U.S. I felt relief. Our baby Grace was born soon afterward.

Far from the “hot breath of expectations” imposed by life in Japan, I was gradually able to gain strength. Life is no longer slipping away. I have a distance to go before I can be pronounced healed, but I am strengthening.

So I can say that, even in a physical way, I was saved by Grace.

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