Friday, November 5, 2010

Maybe this Blog is Irrevelevant

When we say "rural business," we are talking about many things. let's categorize them into several types:

  - franchised businesses serving local residents (auto parts, fried chicken, convenience stores)

  - independent businesses serving local residents (we'll include those belonging to associations such as IGA or Foodtown and some petrol service stations)

  - the internet-based direct sales business operated out of a spare bedroom, including eBay sellers

  - telecommuters offering software development, writing and editing, internet mystery shopping, or a host of other activities, as long as they are not on the payroll of a company owned by someone else

  - manufacturers (if located in agricultural regions)

  - farmers

They may all be entrepreneurs, with some exceptions:

  - the franchise owners who follows the corporate manual for all operations and marketing decisions, and adds no value through applying self-generated creativity

  - someone who sells, via eBay, some junk found in the garage, but doesn't do it as an ongoing business

Can this blog address the concerns of all those people? Let's review the blog's purpose:

"to encourage entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs, and the communities that support them."

We can address them all. Let's keep it up.

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