Monday, September 20, 2010

Just Do It

The Nauvoo Commuter spent the weekend in a rural area so remote it had no internet access and only spotty cell phone coverage. It was refreshing.

The theme for today is getting off the sofa and trying something.

You can't gain six-pack abs by reading Muscle & Fitness Magazine. No one ever learned how to lead a military campaign by watching Gone with the Wind. And the way entrepreneurs hone their skills is to get their hands dirty doing business.

A related truth is that the way to learn if a business idea is valid or not is to try it out.
One of the Nauvoo Commuter's fundamental business philosophies is that an entrepreneur should test the business hypothesis as soon as possible. And that test should involve live ammunition.

In other words, don't take eight months to conduct market research, write a business plan, and write reports, only to find out the Business Concept is flawed. Just start doing something now. Grab a prototype and start hawking it. If people show interest, then you have a business. If they are hesitant, then review the price. Otherwise you may need to re-think product design or even the whole raison d'etre of the business. Most planning is just a cover for procrastination. Most research is a refusal to take responsibility.

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