Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Next decision

This is a follow up to Monday's posting. 

Now let’s assume you are instead in the other category: you are trying to avoid a decision.

Here are some of the signs of avoidance:

-       you believe you need a really, really good business plan
-       you feel you need a little more formal education first
-       you think you need to make another major decision first
-       you are not sure you are really a “business type” of person
-       you think this recession makes business start up impossible, but maybe in a year

These signs do not indicate you are a bad person. Bad people drown kittens, or destroy a person’s career, or deceive investors. These signs only indicate you are anxious about making a decision. Lots of things can cause this anxiety.

Maybe that is okay. Or maybe you can deal with your anxieties and move forward. We’ll keep talking about that. 

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