Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Living in the True America

About nine years ago I visited China and saw the Forbidden City, walked the Great Wall, etc. But what impressed me most was the extent to which China had become less Chinese. Hyper-capitalism didn't make it less Chinese, though the streets were clogged with autos rather than bicyclists in Mao suits. Leaving rural roots is what changed the culture.

And so it is with us. Our culture is based on traditions from our agrarian past. That is one reason we love living in the midwest. It is the conservator of traditional American values.

Being American has no reference to ethnicity. It is completely an idea. But again, it is certain that Middle America is the reservoir of positive American values. Middle America is the part that rescues us when the excesses of the coastal residents threaten to plunge us into oblivion. When the East Coast decides to start a war in a foreign land, they call up the boys from the Heartland to fight for them. West Coast residents become giddy because they think the business cycle is history, and make investing errors large enough to bankrupt the country, then they are saved by the only people who save money in the bank: the people living between the two coasts. And devastatingly expensive natural disasters are almost always within a few hundred miles of the ocean. Guess whose taxes rebuild the beach mansions for those who should have never built them in hurricane or earthquake zones?

The coasts are the ears of America, bringing knowledge from overseas, starting trends and fashions, hearing without listening…. In between is the brain: America’s Heartland.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Saved by Grace

In late 2006 I thought I was going to die. I had given my all to build the Kingdom, I was working a super-stressful commission-based job, and I had some other struggles in my personal situation. I continued to weaken my already broken health.

Then I found out my wife was pregnant. My energy already pulled to my maximum stretching point, I was shocked to learn that my time obligations would increase. As I struggled to cover all the duties in the far-flung outposts assigned to me by Life, I physically crashed.

As our soon-to-increase family size would no longer fit in the house, we decided to move to small-town America. I wanted to stay, but because of the baby, had to leave Japan. The move preparations were grueling, and I began to struggle with breathing. I had no relocation company to help me. But after arriving in the U.S. I felt relief. Our baby Grace was born soon afterward.

Far from the “hot breath of expectations” imposed by life in Japan, I was gradually able to gain strength. Life is no longer slipping away. I have a distance to go before I can be pronounced healed, but I am strengthening.

So I can say that, even in a physical way, I was saved by Grace.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Nauvoo Exodus Re-Enactment

Participating in the re-enactment last week made us quite cold and uncomfortable. But none of us died, so we were much more fortunate than our ancestors. I think my ancestors were quite put out by my complaining. Below is an LDS Church News article on the topic:

Thursday, February 12, 2009

More on Hickman High

I often drive between Nauvoo and Independence, MO, and can pass this school, which may be named for one of my kin. I found this on Wikipedia:

Sam Walton is also a Kewpie! It sounds like an impressive school. Can no one speak up about changing the mascot? It is a naked plastic doll sometimes given as a prize at by carnival folk in a pre-modern era.

If you are a Hickman alum, please feel free to take a stand and explain to me what I don't understand about the situation.

Hickman Kewpies

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Joseph Smith’s stable

At Christmastime we wonder exactly where the stable was into which the Savior was born. But we don’t know.

But in the meantime, we do know where Joseph Smith’s stable was, which I checked out shortly after Christmas. Old Charley may have boarded here. Only the outline of the wall remains. The location is on the east end of the Joseph Smith block, and is well maintained. My children are in the above photo.

Mississippi Thawing

Last week we participated in the re-enactment of the Exodus. It was an extraordinarily cold day, which was fitting and proper. Since then temperatures have been balmy, and the Mississippi has been gradually thawing. 

Even if the ice were thick enough, I doubt it would have been smooth. Crossing would have been treacherous. If we are ever again chased out of the state at gunpoint, I plan to take the Keokuk bridge.

Joseph Sr. and Lucy Mack Smith Cabin Site

Last Sunday I discovered the location of the cabin of Joseph Smith, Sr. and Lucy Mack Smith. I was reading the Memoirs of Joseph Smith III, and he identified the spot where his grandparents has lived. The spot is now commemorated by a console of electrical meters.

The site is on the northwest corner of the Joseph Smith, Jr. block, so in a straight line between the Mansion House and the Nauvoo House, northeast of the Homestead. My understanding is that they lived in a temporary location previous to this site.

I believe that the Community of Christ should put a marker on the spot. The former inhabitants were two of the finest people to have ever breathed. I plan to mention it to them sometime.

Raccoons Not Drinking Acai Berry Juice

Last November I noticed that the raccoons around Nauvoo were gaining weight. Not the kind of fat we gain around the holidays. They were monstrous and could hardly walk. I wondered if they were all in sumo training. (If you've ever witnessed a sumo match in Japan in person, you know it ain't all muscle.) I assumed they were preparing for hibernation. (Disclaimer: I am not a zoologist, and have never played one on TV.) 

The raccoons seem to have lost a lot of weight since then, as I nearly hit one this morning and his tummy wasn't dragging the ground. The secret: they drink the juice of the Black Walnut(TM). Some of my friends have made fortunes convincing their neighbors to drink fruit juice, and I want to get in on it. As black walnut trees are abundant here, I am preaching that as the cure for obesity. If you want in on this ground-floor opportunity, we will be holding our first annual convention in March, where we will sing kumbaya and hear testimonials from thin raccoons. Just convince 40,000 of your friends to buy juice that costs 4,000 times more than the cost of production. (Full disclosure: all research indicates that the juice works best if you sleep without eating for three months.)