Thursday, December 2, 2010

Today's Number

The number of the day is 250 billion.

Honestly, you don't have time to start your own business. In between working your day job, attending your kid's sports games, shopping for birthday cards, laundering your socks, commuting, acquiring food to eat, volunteering to make the world better, attending meetings, and occasionally sleeping, you are too busy.

But America watches 250 billion hours of television annually. That's about 28 hours per week. (The average English citizen watches the same number, and the rest of Europe is not much better.)

According to the Sustainability Institute, cutting out television can add 12 years to your life. Those 12 years, well spent, can create an enormous legacy for yourself.  The 10,000 hours it takes to master a skill (see earlier comments about Malcolm Gladwell) can easily come in 6.5 years by cutting out television.

If you have spent more than three minutes of your life watching any program featuring Miley Cyrus, you have no excuse for not accomplishing something significant.

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