Friday, September 17, 2010

Create a Little App on the Prairie for the iPhone

Calabasas, California is not a big town, but it is not rural, either. But three local moms have created a way for you to change the world.

Appsnminded, the company they started, can help you turn your concept into an app. And your app might literally change the world. Not all apps earn $100,000, like one that one Appsnminded made herself. But some make more.

David Sarno of the Los Angeles Times said in June that creators will earn $7 billion  this year creating apps for the iPhone and Google's Droid formats. Next year it will probably be $14 billion. And part of that could go to you. In fact, an app developed for the Blackberry format would better reach business users, if that is your target.

Want a no-risk solution? Convince Austin, Texas-based Chaotic Moon to make your idea into an app, and they'll build it for free, market it for free, then keep a cut of the profits.

You might be the one to put your town on the map.

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