Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Upside of Rural Entrepreneurship

Yesterday we addressed the disadvantaged that plague rural entrepreneurs. They were only broad, sweeping generalizations. Today we make generalizations about some of the advantages of rural entrepreneurs.

- the ability to be involved in more fundamental commerce: food. People will always need food more than ipods. That is gratifying for those involved in the food production industry. And that is the primary industry of rural regions.

- reprieve from the full brunt of international competition. If you are creating services, or even goods, for consumption in your county, then you can worry a little less about the price of manufactured wares in East Asia. Let Pittsburgh and Houston and Detroit feel the anxiety for you. It doesn't mean you live in a no-competition bubble, but if you are profitable on a small scale, then you don't need to sell shoes to 40 percent of the planet to survive.

- living a real, connected life. Living in a large city is spiritually grating. Being jostled and called after all day can make one people weary. But where you live, out on the edge of the prairie, people are genuine and life is simple. You are connected to the basic roots of life. You are connected to basic human needs, without psychological office games. So you can understand consumers better.

So use sincerity to your advantage.

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