Saturday, September 25, 2010

I know where you live

The Nauvoo Commuter knows where you live. Let me describe what I see in your small town:

- different factions of people, some who want progress, and some who are trying to stop it
- at least one empty, boarded up building from a failed business
- roads with more chuckholes per mile compared to 10 years ago
- a few people with a plan to increase tourism into the town
- at least one feature of unique beauty, and peaceful evenings, both of which keep people happy to continue living in your town

Am I at least mostly accurate? I don't really know exactly where you live, dear reader, and I'm not peering into your windows. But I've seen so many towns that they are starting to look similar. So don't think your situation is unique. The same excuses are common.

Start with the factions. Every town has them. New comers vs. old timers, Catholics vs. Baptists, retirees vs. young families... towns naturally divide into groups of opposing parties. If not, if everyone in your town agrees on everything and they all live in continual harmony, you are required (by federal law) to contact your county administrator who will send one or more discontents to live in your town. That's not really true, but the problem is so universal that it might as well be a federal law. A branch of economics is devoted to the study of special interest groups, and the phenomena of their size and divisions (but that is getting off topic.)

So start doing something today. Right where you are. People are waiting for you to make the first move. Some may oppose you, but maybe you need some feedback. Don't let it stop you.

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