Thursday, January 20, 2011


Today, I will be discussing branding in my class. Here are some points I may or may not bring up.

Branding requires nurturing. It takes a long time to build a brand, constantly nurturing it.

A brand represents a value or values. Want a universal, huge brand? Tie it to important values, and make the connection between the two believable and tight. You can represent a lesser important value, or make the connection weak, and not build something lasting.

Brands can be lost quickly by neglect or stupidity. The stronger the brand, the better it can withstand your stupidity. But better to not be stupid or neglectful in the first place. Remember the Cadillac Cimarron in the early 1980s? GM slapped chrome onto a cheap Chevy and called it a Cadillac. Dumb. One of the best brands in the world, arguably the Cadillac of brands, was lost, including the work of generations. Now Cadillac makes one of the best luxury cars available to normal humans (a Bentley is nicer, but normal people can't dream of buying a Bentley), but Cadillac is still struggling to regain their place in our hearts.

Don't sell your brand equity for a mess of potage. 

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