Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The U-Turn

In Japan, the term "U-turn" is applied to people returning from the "big city" to their hometowns, and is involved with the career concerns involved with such a move.

When you decide to leave the cube farm (slang for a floor full of cubicles) and move to a place with real farms, you need to find a livelihood.

Here at the Nauvoo Commuter, we encourage self-employment in that situation, as we do for most rural dwellers. But your plan of attack will need to be different from someone who has already lives in your new neighborhood.

 - you won't have as many connections, your local personal network will be 

 - you will lack a knowledge of the "lay of the land" that an already local will have

 - your cost of set up will be more, as moving and changing lifestyles have costs

 - you will bring creativity to the situation; you've seen other options for how to 

   solve problems

If you persevere, you'll do fine. 

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