Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Idea

In this forum we have consistently held to the belief that "the idea" is only one percent of success. Seeking just the right business idea is, more often than not, a way of avoiding implementation. But because (1) that one percent is still important, and (2) because finding business models that will work in low-population regions is more challenging, we have occasionally devoted space to mentioning specific ideas.

For the next few days, we will talk about the idea generation process. We'll introduce some models that have been used for years.

In a quiet place where you won't be interrupted, do some pondering.


Find a good idea that is being implemented as a business in another region, preferably in a big city. Think of how you can come up with your own idea based on it. First, a modified Alex F. Osborn model.

How can you adapt:
What else is like this? Does the past offer parallels? What could you copy What other idea does this suggest?

Write down an answer to each of those questions. Mind-mapping as a recording style is probably ideal.

Now set that paper aside. Think about the original idea.

Next Line of Questioning, how can you modify the idea:
A new twist? Can you change the meaning, color, motion, sound, odor, form, or shape? Can you think of any other possible changes?

Have you produced an idea? Try doing the same thing with some other people. Friends can help you, but disinterested people would be better.

These ideas are from the Father of Brainstorming.

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