Friday, October 1, 2010

Bad News

The first Niketown opened at the corner of Salmon and Sixth streets in Portland, Oregon. Not in Lomax, Illinois.

That makes sense, because Bowerman and Knight started Nike in the Portland area. And that makes sense, because there they had a university with a lot of fast people who needed to run even faster.  The Nike founders were exposed to new ideas in an environment full of vibrant, emergent people. Lomax has no university.

In the tiny town where you live, you may not be exposed to a lot of unique situations that will help you innovate.

So you have two choices. The first is to do a traditional, boring business in an excellent way. All you need to do is delight your customers, today, so that they eventually bring their friends to your door.  You may not need an extreme innovation.

The second choice is to sell outside your region, over the internet. In that case, you can be in a remote area because the internet exposes you to valuable, diverse thoughts.

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