Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Culinary Disconnect

Another lesson I’ve learned while here back in the big city: people, in general, are not at all connected to their food. They eat products at a restaurant or purchase processed food at a grocery store. The ambitious actually buy ingredients, such as flour and baking powder or tomatoes and lettuce, and combine them into meals. But fewer and fewer people know the sources of that food.

Whether you have always lived in the country or moved there as an adult, you are more likely to have watched a plant grow, and perhaps you have even touched soil.

During the fifth century, St. Ambrose was considered to be a super genius because he could read without moving his lips. The first Conquistadores were supermen because they possessed primitive muskets. And perhaps people who can grow food will someday be the geniuses of their world. Someone who can plant a seed and nourish it will be the one-eyed person in the kingdom of the blind. Sound crazy? Just follow the trends out to a logical, though unlikely, conclusion.  

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