Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Good news for Rural Entrepreneurs

What is the largest industry in rural regions? (Hint: the answer to that question is not meth)  If you can’t quickly answer, you are new to this blog and you are not looking out the window.

The correct answer is agricultural products, but it used to be “food.”

Either way, if you are raising a commodity food product: corn, wheat, soybeans, etc., or something on a smaller scale, the future might be brighter. For you.

That means good news for you, because the world might be heading into a famine. Some economists are predicting food shortages. Heat waves and floods in Russia, Pakistan, Philippines…. Commodity prices are already climbing.

Remember in 2007 when we had plenty of food, but government announcements in some countries caused citizenry to panic, resulting in rice riots? This year the shortages might be for real.

The Nauvoo Commuter does not relish human suffering. We don’t rejoice at starvation or other tribulation. But maybe this time the system (agricultural industrial complex) will change. We’ll stop putting all the corn into our gas tanks, and start growing food again.

From your own Little House on the Prairie you might not be able to build iPods or big screen TVs, but you can grow food and distribute it. This time you can’t use a “down market” as an excuse.

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