Thursday, November 4, 2010

Huge Caveat

So you want to be a work-from-home star? The Nauvoo Commuter is here to encourage you.

My goal is to help you succeed in some rural-based entrepreneurial venture, and a home-based business is a good option. We are not selling a program, just encouraging you to get started.

But a lot of people are selling programs, some are enticing you with scams, and others want you to stuff envelopes.

Of all such be wary.

Start your own business. Don't pretend to start your own business but really working for someone else. That is particularly true with multi-level marketing. You take 100% of the risk, yet you don't have independence. (If you were independent, you would be able to sell Nuskin and Herbalife at the same time. Try it, and Nuskin will steal your business from you. They'll fire you, and take the organization you built for themselves, without compensating you for any of the time and money you spent. The justification is probably covered in the contract you sign when you join.)

Do it for real. Don't pretend to start a business by being lured into someone else's dream or into a scam.

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