Saturday, November 20, 2010

Reasons enough to fail

You want to start or expand a business, and possible excuses are numerous:

Too few customers in the countryside
Customers have no money anyway
Can't find appropriate building/real estate
Can't obtain bank loan
Investors don't understand your potential
Stimulus money all went to the wrong people instead of you
You are a single parent without family support
Not enough savings to survive the start up stage
Current day job is overwhelmingly, monopolizing of your time and energy
Too many kids
Unsupportive spouse
Frail health
Can't give up health insurance benefits
Bad back
Fear of selling
Fear of rejection

No university education
Remote location limits transportation options
Someone took your brilliant idea
Starting a business could lead to financial ruin (at least now you have a steady income)
Timing is bad; after Christmas would be better
In-laws disapprove

Now that they're all out in the open, can you let go of them and move forward? You must set a deadline for yourself and remain conscious of the Resistance (see the earlier posting on Steven Pressfield's book War of Art).

A lot of people have faced excuses better than the ones above and ignored them and became moguls.

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