Friday, April 15, 2011

Why you should eat your own food

Urban farming is becoming increasingly popular. Increasing attention is being paid to community gardens, school-yard gardens, and gardens in window boxes and on roofs.

Will people save huge amounts of money from their grocery budget? Hardly. You only spend (on average) nine percent of your income on food. If you achieve a 10 percent savings on your food budget, you've only saved .9 percent overall. That is not worth the many hours you spend pulling weeds. You can't out compete Mexican or Chilean or Chinese farm laborers.

But it is still very much worth the effort. The food you grow is far more healthy for your body and for your soul. Watching the miracle of life is a spiritual experience. Collecting dirt under your fingernails as you pull weeds is a spiritual experience.

And you will know exactly what is in this food you make yourself. Does your town have a community garden?

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