Friday, February 11, 2011

Can these traits be taught?

Are the seven traits of successful entrepreneurs teachable?  Or must people born with those traits? If teachable, can it be done in a classroom, or must it be out in the field?

Seriously, can we train people in rural areas to have these entrepreneurial characteristics? This is more than a mindset or attitude. To be genuine, they need to be deeply rooted in a person's being. The person may not need all of them in the same measure, but none of them should be described as a "weak area."

Entrepreneurship training should have two goals:

First, the program should instill the characteristics discussed yesterday. Training in this area generally teaches people the traits that they should have, and how important it is to have those traits. To actually change bad habits and become a different type of person, that is a much bigger challenge.

The other goal is to teach the needed SKILLS: bookkeeping, marketing, management, etc.

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