Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Success Formula: more ideas

Let's add two more traits to yesterday's list:

5) Ability to work in ambiguity
     A non-entrepreneur needs to know "why" and "how." They
     struggle in situations of uncertainty. An entrepreneur--particularly
     a successful one--does not freeze despite not having all the
     answers. They can still move forward.

6) Lack of fear of disappointing people
     If you fail, you will disappoint your family and friends (except the
     jealous ones). More so, you will disappoint investors and lenders.
     Some people cannot handle that fear, so they never take the leap.
     Entrepreneurs do not necessarily have more risk appetite than the
     average person. But they embrace, or at least accept, certain types
     of risk.

So here we have six traits needed to succeed in your own business. Good luck. 

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