Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Why people buy your stuff

"Your stuff" could refer to a product, a service, or an ideology you are spending effort to propagate.  Why buy from you?

 - someone needs your product, and has difficulty obtaining it elsewhere (insulin)
 - they like you and want to support your business to show the depth of the friendship 
   (network marketing exploits this dynamic)
 - your selling format is so convenient (Walmart)
 - they can't beat your price, or your value 
 - you do a better job of selling; you tell a better story (Obama campaign)
 - your product is so neat, or has free features that are really neat (iPhone)
Other possibilities exist. Conversely, the "not why people buy from you" list:

 - because you hope people will buy from you
 - because it would make your parents proud of you
 - it would make your investors would yell at you less

You should choose a reason from the first list, and make it a compelling reason, and make sure you are the compelling answer to that issue. Sometimes people buy from you because you got lucky. But that is an incident, not a business model. 

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