Thursday, March 3, 2011

Drop the Shipping

Occasionally we mention things here at the Nauvoo Commuter that you might know, but some readers might not know.

If you run an internet site that sells stuff, you don't need to actually take possession and ship it. You can advertise a product on your site, and it can be mailed to your customers from Amazon, another back-office provider, or directly from the manufacturer.

I normally recommend that rural internet retailers sell things that are unique to themselves or their region: local beverages, their own hand-knit mittens, regionally-grown plants, heritage items... something unique. But you might be able to find an alternative to doing the shipping yourself. Just a reminder.

And if you have to do the shipping yourself, don't be intimidated. If your idea is good enough to sell, it is worth the time to research postal regulations. 

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