Friday, March 11, 2011

Your Town's Assets

"Why wouldn't you want to move here?" should be the appropriate question you ask everyone about your town. 

Asset Mapping is a popular tool for community development. You start by listing all the assets your town has. Go ahead, give it a try. 

You may not possess all of the following advantages, but here are some possibilities to help prime the pump on your brainstorming session (most are plagiarized from a session I was involved with today):

Volunteer organizations
Family ties
Work ethic
Revolving loan organizations
Development grant programs in place
Empty office space (glass is half full)
Strong ministerial associations
Food pantries
Natural environment and/or outdoor recreational options
Transportation and logistics facilities left from the smoke stack era
Adequate health care facilities
Low crime rate
Broadband Internet access
Reasonable access to an urban area
Child care availability
Trade schools
Entertainment options
Basic food sourcing options

Go ahead and try to make your own list.

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