Friday, March 18, 2011

The world's most basic industry

This is something your community can do.

You can start up a kitchen for people to rent so they can start a food business without the initial investment of a commercial kitchen. The cost could be US$150,000. That's where you can help: you build it and they share it. That would satisfy the Nauvoo Commuter's philosophy of bootstrapping until the business concept is proven. Also, we encourage food-related entrepreneurship.

Ten years ago, 30 multi-use kitchens--or Shared-Food Processors--existed in the United States. Now the number is over 100 and growing. These shared-use kitchens are operated by faith groups, universities, non-profits, and for-profits.

Mary Pat Carlson, a super star in the field, has created a food-business incubator in Wisconsin. The non-profit helps individuals start food-related businesses, which includes allowing use of their commercial kitchen on an hourly basis. The system has been so successful that she is now traveling the U.S., helping others develop the same type of incubators.

I met Mary at a conference last week and can verify that she also a very nice person. She really seems to like helping people.

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