Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Quality of Life

I haven't ben researching this, but the question just popped into my mind: what elements or conditions improve quality of life in a community?

The popularity of professional spectator sports has been declining for thirty years conversely with a rise in the popularity of the arts (consider who advertises during sports matches: mostly beer and Dorritos.) Spectator athletics are still very much alive, but they are now one of many entertainment options. Yet municipalities continue to fund the construction of arenas, using the term "economic growth" to justify it. That is not growth, but wealth transfer from the taxpayer to the players (economists have done plenty of research in this area.) It might improve the fun leisure options for a few people, but does it increase the overall quality of life for all residents? No one can answer "yes" with a straight face.

The issue is irrelevant for rural municipalities anyway. The original question remains unanswered: what can you do to improve the quality of life for taxpayers?

- upgrading transportation infrastructure
- improving elderly care facilities
- creating outdoor recreation facilities
- developing leisure options

Another note: what CAN you do and what SHOULD you do are two different questions. Rarely are either of those questions answered correctly, hence we have unfinished projects (no CAN do) and unused facilities (no SHOULD do). 

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