Saturday, March 5, 2011

Is rural living a huge disadvantage to entrepreneurship?

Our simple answer, given out of principle, is that it does not matter. We live in the country because we love the lifestyle, or it is where we are connected to those we love, or because other circumstances keep us here. So we don't run off to the bright lights of the city. We bloom where we are planted. 

Previously we have addressed the disadvantages of conducting business from a rural area. 

  - Fewer variables in our business plans: we know what we are dealing 
    with in our home markets. Risk, opportunities, customer profiles, etc.
    are easier to analyze. 

  - A longer time to discovery by competitors: we can stay under the radar, 
    hide from copy cats longer.  We are in tiny laboratories, laboring obscurely
    but diligently.

  - A real, connected life: living in a large city is spiritually draining. Being jostled 
    and imposed upon all day can make you "people weary." But where you live, 
    out in the hinterlands, people are genuine and life is real. You are connected 
    to the basic roots of life. You are connected to basic human needs, protected 
    from weird psychological office games. You receive less customer feedback, 
    but you can understand consumers better because you affiliate with people in 
    real ways. 

In the future, you will be a mogul. Someday your business will be important enough that your location will not be relevant. People will travel to speak with you.

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