Saturday, December 4, 2010

Negotiation Power

In building your negotiation ability, you need to learn two things:

  - how negotiation works
  - how to negotiate

The first one deals with structure, knowing how the negotiation process should work and how to be aware of the other party's combative tactics. Understanding this is essential for large-scale deals.

The second deals with personal skills, and includes overcoming your own personal weaknesses.

The second one is more important for you. You probably will not be negotiating nuclear disarmament treaties for your country. But you may very likely fail when negotiating rental terms for your shop, employment conditions, transportation costs for your materials, or agreeing to a bedtime with your children.

Here at the Nauvoo Commuter, we like people to focus on developing their strengths instead of spending their self-development time in mitigating weaknesses. But you probably have one short coming, one bad habit, that prevents you from negotiating success.

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