Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Respect Your Elders

I am not the first source to say that society is aging. But you may not realize that it is not a problem only in what we call the First World. Evidence indicates that society is getting older in South America. Retirees in China, now supported by only 5.4 workers, will in my lifetime be reduced to 1.6 workers. Think of how everyone will be different when the world's dominant superpower is a country where almost no one has ever had siblings, cousins, aunts, or uncles. Demographic shifts will be the driver of change in the next few decades.

This relevancy for you, as a rural entrepreneur:

    - Advertising that glorifies youth and mocks the aged is
      a dumb idea
    - A business that serves the elderly is a smart idea
    - Governments made commitments to retirees before they
       knew so many people would be retired at the same time,
       and now cannot possibly cover their commitments. A
       business that serves the elderly, increasing efficiency to
       compensate for revenue shortfalls so lifestyle doesn't suffer,
       is a smarter idea
    - Retirees should start businesses (we'll cover that in more depth

(selected reference:’s-one-child-policy)

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