Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Purity of Purpose Test for Gloom Merchants

Both the right wing and the left wing agree on one thing: the world is ending shortly. They don't agree on the cause. One thinks it is government debt. One thinks it is polar ice cap melting. But end it soon must, this ideal life we now enjoy.

Just remember one thing: the purpose of preaching doom and glom is usually one thing: to sell something. Most prophets of doom are selling a newsletter, a book, an investment vehicle. Their motives are rarely pure.

One more warning: if you are unhappy with your life, if you don't feel personally successful, then you are more susceptible to being swayed by the Gloom Merchants.  Some may have pure motives. But the man behind the curtain is usually manipulating your fear reflex to close an order for a subscription. Name any celebrity or pundit who preaches doom, and I will tell you the personal motive.

So of all end-of-the-world predictions, be wary. Tough times might be ahead. But this is the best time in history to start a business, as long as you sell to needs, not wants.

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