Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sign of things to come

As you enter my town from the north, the first thing you see is a grand hotel. Or it would have been, if they had built it. Now all you see is a crumbling foundation. The builders used large blocks rather than pouring concrete, and some of them have shifted, making it look like a failed Lego project, all in gray. It hasn't changed in years. The land was recently sold at a sheriff's auction.

This is your first impression of the town, and it has discouraged many would-be entrepreneurs, and certainly investors. "My business could end up like the Lego Hotel," people lament. So they keep their heads down at Walmart jobs in a nearby county.

Here is the good news. If you attempt to start a business, it might fail in a big way, and might leave a Landmark of Despair and Shame.

But you might knock the cover off the ball.

As mentioned a few months ago in this forum, our culture has become too fearful of risk. Risk is what makes success so remarkable. It is why success is worth it. Let's embrace it.

Did the internet 12-second-business-plan era scar us forever? If we have to make an effort, over an extended time period, do we wilt?

Let's round up our shoulders and take the challenge. It will take time + effort. It might makes us cry ourselves to sleep more than once. And it might fail the first time or two. But the law of averages guarantees the success of the persistent.

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