Saturday, December 18, 2010

So few farms, so little time

We've discussed the idea of farming as a viable business option for those living in a farming area.

Have you ever met a farmer who has become wealthy from farming? (Those who inherit land became wealthy by inheriting land.) Few would admit to becoming rich by farming.

But an increasing number of researchers claim that farmers don't farm or market the correct way, and that is why few make a decent living by working the land. They cultivate and sell commodity products at commodity prices, so they can never win the game. Commodity prices are determined by hedge funds trading on exchanges. The farmer just tries to lower costs in order to survive.

An increasing number of farmers are making respectable money on small farms, often leasing land. Their approaches are quite different from what traditional farmers are doing.

Here at the Nauvoo Commuter, we don't farm, so we can't say which way is better. But if you are searching for a business that you can do, where you are today, then you should investigate the research.


Beginning Farmers

Beginning farmers and ranchers

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