Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Control freaks: time for some introspection

How strong is your Research and Development function?

Okay, so your small business on the Banks of Plum Creek doesn't have a large R&D team full of scientists. And you don't hold a PhD in computer science.
No problem. Research is increasingly outsourced now, even in large companies. P&G's goal is for 50 percent of all new products to come from outside the company.

A lot of ideas about trends in our world you hear about from experts originally came from Alvin Toffler 40 years ago, when he wrote Future Shock. People are still re-packaging his ideas. So he may be a good source for again predicting future trends. 

         "Technologies will not be developed in-house.  Successful organizations will 
          become adept at integrating large problem-solver networks, linking 'answer 
          seekers' with “problem solvers” across the globe to rapidly harness the 
          brainpower of international experts."

So you can buy or rent ideas from other people. Many people have great ideas, and are waiting for YOU to help them develop those ideas. Remember that 99 percent of success is perspiration. Hordes of people have great ideas which will never see fruition because they don't have your ability to execute. 

Don't feel like you need to invent everything, come up with all the ideas, develop processes yourself. 

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