Thursday, December 23, 2010

Silver Entrepreneurs

Dear post-career-aged reader:

In Japanese, they say "silver" instead of "gray" to refer to their elders. It is respectful. A "silver seat" is a seat on the train designated for the elderly. It is now time to address the Silver Entrepreneur segment. As population collapse appears imminent in many countries, WE NEED YOU!

Some facts:
    - The idea of retiring at age 60 or 65 and engaging in constant leisure is
       historically new. Until an economic quirk in the 1950s allowed people
       to stop working, people retired from their jobs, then started a second job
       (or grew vegetables and sold them, or worked temp positions.) Spending
       the last third of one's life watching Matlock reruns is a historic anomaly.
       It is not an inalienable right.
    - People of 65 have so much to give our economy. We should be drawing
       on their knowledge experience, not relegating them to fetching our
       shopping carts. Society needs you to start businesses.
    - Middle age is now defined as 60 years old. So if you take care of
      yourself, you don't approach old age until your late seventies.
    - As population declines are nigh in many countries (and will be soon
      enough in the U.S. and China), societies need people over 65 to
      participate in the small-business economy. Please fill the gap.

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